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Key Stage 1 Visit to Ludlow Castle

The children from Years 1 and 2 enjoyed a fantastic day out at Ludlow Castle on Monday 12th March.

They were taken on a very informative and entertaining tour of the castle ruins by Lady Caroline, who was dressed in medieval clothes. She began by outlining the origins of Ludlow Castle and then showed us where the original portcullis and drawbridge used to be. The original entrance also had murder holes in the ceiling from where boiling oil would have been poured onto any enemies who tried to invade the castle! The children loved climbing the narrow spiral staircase inside the keep up to the great hall and bedrooms with their ensuite toilets (garderobes). They particularly found the fact that the contents of these went straight down a chute onto the ground very entertaining and some were even tempted to consider the job of gong farmer which involved clearing it away to supply the local farmers for their land! The children were also told about the equally unpleasant job of being a scullion in the medieval kitchen. After peering down the castle’s own deep well, the tour concluded with the round chapel where we heard the tale of Sam and the Ludlow dragon. Later, some intrepid children returned to the keep to climb up the very top from where there was a fantastic view. A walk around the outside of the castle walls, a sketching session and a visit to the gift shop added to the enjoyment of the day.


Here are some quotes from the children’s writing about the trip:


” When I went into the castle I shouted WOW! I was sooooo amazed by how tall the castle was. The castle was as tall as a skyscraper. Wow could you imagine that.” (Hollie)


” I was fascinated by all the windows and the keep, it was great. I want to go there again.” (Mia)


” I learned that Ludlow Castle is awesome.” (Harvey)


” I was fascinated by the castle and the lovely place where it was built.” (Lauren)


” I liked the bit where we went up the spiral staircase and we had to hold onto the handrail.” (Naomi)


” Ludlow castle is the best castle I have ever seen.” (Ellie)


” The castle was the most amazing awesomest thing ever.” (Frankie)


And in the words of Marshal as we left….”It’s been the best day ever!”


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